Dear husband just spent a few days jaunting around central Florida, watching spring training (baseball) and having a blast with the guys. You can say it was “boys’ week out.” DH and his friends Derek and Joe took in five games, which included nine teams.

To me baseball is the Anti-Cancer. It represents everything wholesome in the world, whereas cancer is noxious. Baseball brings back memories of B.C. — Before the Cancer. Like when you were a little boy trading sports cards. DH is lucky in that his mother did not throw out his (vast) collection, and so if he decides to sell them, we might be able to retire off the proceeds.

By the way, DH got some good pictures of Joe Torre, the Dodgers’ manager and a prostate cancer survivor. Looks great. Then there’s a photo of the legendary Indians pitcher and Hall-of-Famer Bob Feller, who must be around 85 now. (Wouldn’t be surprised if he had PC, too.)

Everybody needs a vacation from Cancerworld.