Whenever we take a drug, whether it’s in injectable or an oral drug it must be cleared from our bodies otherwise it can become toxic to us.

Unfortunately, our ability to clear drugs varies from individual to individual. These different abilities are often related to genetic differences we each have from one another. Doing of drugs are reliant on the average, or largest number of individuals and don’t take into account individual differences in drug clearance rates.

We have many new drugs available today to treat advanced prostate cancer. As with all of the drugs Zytiga clears at a different rate in each individual man. Understanding your individual clearance rate can be important in order to avoid either an excess of drugs in the bloodstream which can become toxic or to make sure that dosage is high enough to have the desired positive effect.

Like many other commonly used drugs, Zytiga operates on an enzyme called CYP2D6. In the general population 5% to 10% of men lack the ability to adequately clear this enzyme from their body. Men who can’t clear it are at risk of a having a toxic response to the dr