If you are thinking of having minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery for prostate cancer, have a family member who’s had it or just want to *really* understand how it works, you will want to read this guest article by Arnon Krongrad, MD.

Dr. Krongrad is a prostate cancer surgeon in Aventura, Florida, and Chairman of the Board of the nonprofit Prostate Cancer Mission. He was a pioneer of laparoscopic PC surgery in this country.

I wanted to learn more about minimally invasive surgery for prostate cancer because I find the topic so confusing — and it is all-important. I asked Dr. Krongrad to write about it because he has the expertise *and* the desire to communicate directly with the online PC community. That’s one thing I’m trying to accomplish with this blog — build bridges between doctors and patients.

Dr. Krongrad tells the story in a comprehensible, straightforward way, without hype. There are ample illustrations, and the doctor has agreed to answer follow-up questions about the article. If you have one, email it to me: leah@malecare.com