I was allowed to sleep late today (’til 8:30).  My son gave me a barbecue tool kit with an electronic fork thermometer, my wife gave me some REALLY nice cologne, and my father left me a message on my answering machince wishing me a happy father’s day.  It has been a strange and glorious morning.  Life is often unpredictable, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in awful ways.  I’m sure you’ll all co-sign on that!

Today my thoughts will be with the black dads of America.  The ones on lockdown that wish they could be at home barbecuing.  The ones that are overseas fighting in a war that is not of their making.  The ones that are unemployed, but ready and willing to work and support their families.  The ones that are working two jobs, going to school at night that still finding the time to read their children a story.   And the ones that are blessed enough to have have it all.  Happy Father’s Day guys.