Being told that you have prostate cancer may be one of the most stressful events that occur in your lifetime. After a cancer diagnosis, you may be overwhelmed, worried about what happens next, or thinking about its impact on your life. The many emotions that follow a prostate cancer diagnosis make a major impression on your psychological state, affecting both your mental and physical health.

Research shows that there is a significant connection between emotional healing and physical well-being. Though a prostate cancer diagnosis can be difficult to cope with, there are multiple things you can do to begin your emotional healing process.

  1. Join a Malecare Support Group

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, the feeling of “no one understands what I’m going through” is completely normal. Even when surrounded by caring friends and family, feeling isolated is one of the most common effects of a diagnosis. It’s important to share your feelings with others, especially those that can relate to your emotions. Joining a support group can be a powerful tool in coping with your diagnosis. Cancer support groups can be found locally or online and provide free support to help manage your li