The new Health Care law (Obamacare) is scheduled to take effect in 2014 with the first open enrollment period beginning on October 1, 2013. That is only 2 months away! We all have hear the constant din about the new law, but most of us don’t have the slightest understanding of how it will work. Adding to the confusion the new law remains in the sights of many politicians who want to change it or even stop it. However, with the open enrollment period fast coming upon us we need to start to think about it.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created a brief (6½ minute) video which gives a basic description of the overarching law. It is easy to understand and it begins the process we all will need to start as the law takes effect.

The video can be viewed at: Youtoons describe Obamacare

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.