As we age, especially for those of us who have advanced and recurrent prostate cancer we need to “put our affairs in order”. This includes making sure we have a valid Will, have established any trusts that our spouses, partners, children and grandchildren might need, signed a health care proxy and appointed an individual with a power of attorney. What is important and left out of this list is that we need to establish our legacy.

Our legacy, what we leave behind in the hearts and minds of our family, friends and the world. It doesn’t matter who you were and what job you held, what really ends up mattering is how you are remembered and what mark you leave behind in the world.

We all wish to be remembered with love and fondness.

I was running a support group recently and at the end conversation turned to legacy issues. One group member said that our story is our legacy, I could not agree more. However, as I thought further about it, I realized that each of us is active right now at this very moment writing our story, our legacy.

I would like to invite anyone who might be interested to take a few moments and post a comment about their story. Tell us your story, what you are writing in your story or perhaps what you hope your story will say.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW