Twitter’s first Prostate Cancer Survivor Chat will be held on Thursday, July 16 from 4-5:30PM Join the discussion with hashtag #pcachat It will be facilitated by Malecare Prostate Cancer Support. Please follow me @prostatenews or to stay in touch on this new event.

The worlds first twitter cancer survivor support group was held, today, July 9, as a collaboration of Malecare and Out With Cancer. It was actually quite interesting. One participant summed it up by tweeting, “This has been weirdly therapeutic. I feel odd sharing so much, but it feels necessary.”

We know that most of you have heard of Twitter, but may not have an account. Twitter is free, easy to use and, as we have seen with today’s cancer survivor support group, could well be life enhancing for our prostate cancer community. So, please join us! Simply sign up at

As always, please feel encouraged to contact me, directly, if you have any questions.
Darryl Mitteldorf