Since so many men are using medications off-label this program should be of interest to prostate cancer advocates.

About half of the use of anticancer chemotherapy drugs is for “off-label” indications – uses not listed on the FDA-approved label.  Public and private payers typically cover off-label indications for anticancer drugs if they are listed in the compendia or supported in peer-reviewed medical literature. Coverage and payment for off-label uses of anticancer drugs has been a critical tool in the battle against cancer.

Both public and private payers are examining their choices of compendia for determining medically-accepted uses of anticancer drugs.  CMS recently established an annual compendia review process.  CMS will accept requests for changes to its approved list of compendia, and will publish final decisions by July 15 after collecting public comments.  CMS’ decisions are poised to have an immediate impact on Medicare coverage. Concurrently, private payers are endorsing specific compendia for use in making coverage decisions for chemotherapy drugs.

Join Avalere Health for a 90-minute interactive audio conference that will highlight:

  • The evolving landscape of compendia and their use in coverage decision-making by Medicare and private payers
  • CMS’ current efforts to revise the official list of approved compendia
  • Trends in the use of compendia by commercial payers
  • Variations in use of compendia at the regional and local levels by medical directors
  • Impact of state mandates on the use of compendia

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