Just reflecting on an incident last year. I was out for a jog in my neighborhood, I saw a young family out for a walk… always a wonderful thing to see. The young daughter got something in her eye and began to cry. Both parents immediately rushed to her, letting go of the baby stroller the mother was pushing. As they huddled around their daughter – the baby stroller slowly gained momentum down a hill towards an intersection. My own instinct caused me to pick up pace to a panicked run as I crossed the street to keep the carriage from rolling into the road… with no idea of its contents. Meanwhile a man in a car and a lady walking her dog complacently watched. As I caught the carriage just before it rolled off of the sidewalk and into the street – yes, a baby was in the carriage… I ran the carriage back to the parents who numbly thanked me. About 5 minutes later the dad pulled up to me in a car and thanked me for “saving” their baby. A few days later the dog walking lady commented that there must have been some story in my life that had something to do with the baby carriage incident. The truth is – NO – there is no trauma in my life that caused me to behave like a concerned and caring human being. My maternal instincts caused me to care whether or not a child that may be within that carriage ended up as road pizza. Lesson being people in general need to wake up…. we are intrinsically connected and each and every one of us every now and then has the opportunity to make a difference. So if you aren’t already awake like that – now more than ever, we need to WAKE UP.