Over this past week I have not been able to make any post to the blog. I apologize to anybody kept coming back to the blog and didn’t see anything new.

Two Sunday nights ago I was admitted to the hospital and had an emergency appendectomy the following Tuesday night. Due to my age and the fact that I have already add multiple other abdominal surgeries the surgery was fairly complex.

I am now at the point in my recovery where I can again start to concentrate and do the research required to write this blog.

I anticipate that starting today I will be again making normal blog entries. This will include a post immediately following this post about the recall of a drug often used to help moderate hot flashes for those of us who are on hormone deprivation therapy (ADT).

This experience points out that besides having to deal with advanced prostate cancer we still have all the trials and tribulations of every other human being. We need to not allow our prostate cancer take over our entire healthcare attention. Annual checkups and visits to our doctor when we do have an issue or concern is more vital to us then to our peers.

Joel T Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.