We all know by now that one of America’s best friend’s, Israel, is giving Lebanon a good ol’ fashioned ass whuppin’ in the name of expelling the terrorist group Hezbollah from, well, the world.  We hear the stories of missiles and rockets blowing stuff/people up.  Apparently Israel is “winning” because they have killed more people with US weapon technology than Hezbollah with their Iranian weapons.  Of course this is dumb.  No one wins in war.  But whatever, that’s not why I am writing this.  

The reason this war has me thinking is because President Bush plans on (or is currently) sending aid to Beiruit, the capital of Lebanon.  It’s strange in some ways, and makes sense in others.  The war is technically Israel vs. Hezbollah, not Israel vs. Lebanon.  My guess is that the people of Lebanon can’t see much of a distinction.   

Anyway, that wasn’t my point either.

My point is that when the great black hope, President Bill Clinton, was in office 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered by the more powerful Hutus in Rwanda and the Tutsis didn’t get a damn thing from America.  It was looked at as Africa acting up again.  Not even 800 people all together have died in this recent conflict in the Middle East and America is sending out buckets of fried chicken and kool aid already.  Bill Clinton was a nightmare for black people of the world and we refuse to wake up from it because we think its a dream.  Just look up information on some of his policies in Africa, the Caribbean, and the U.S. 

I think about being a dad in war torn counties in Africa such as Rwanda, Congo, and Dafur.  I think about being a dad during the currently bubbling conflict between Somalia and Ethiopia.  And I think about how powerless it must make them feel.  It’s in every man’s blood, black or white, to protect their families (unless you are a jerk), yet so many men just can’t do it when machine guns are being waved in their faces.  Or when the rest of the world doesn’t care what happens to them.