Take you dog for a walk. Enjoy walking with your wife. Walk around your neighborhood and enjoy these fall days. It will help you to deal with your prostate cancer and treatment side effects. Yesterday while in town I observed a gentleman in his 80’s jogging while talking on his cellphone. I have a neighbor who is also in his 80’s and has been walking at least a mile everyday, rain, snow or shine for at least a year. We chatted recently while I was working in my garden and he told me how much better he felt. if either of these men were being treated for prostate cancer this recent study discusses how this type of activity can improve their quality of life and decrease the potential risk of bone fracture.

Exercise may reduce, and even reverse, bone loss caused by hormone and radiation therapies used in the treatment of localized prostate cancer, thereby decreasing the potential risk of bone fractures and improving quality of life for these men, according to a new study……

 The study shows that prostate cancer patients undergoing hormone therapy that walked about five times a week for 30 minutes at a moderate pace maintained or gained bone density, while those who didn’t exercise lost more than two percent of their bone density in eight to nine weeks.

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