My uncle’sfuneral was this past Thursday.  It was one of those home-goings that we can all only hope for.  Close to 200 family and friends showed up for one man.  The block represented big time blasting This is for My Homies from their cars in front of the funeral parlor, showing love for one of the most genuine people Bed-Stuy has ever produced.  My uncle-in-law demonstrated some old-school class by singing a solo of It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. Pastor “Keep it Real” gave a rousing sermon and the “Prophet” sang a gospel solo that lifted every spirit in the crowded room.  It was one of the realest, saddest, and most soul shaking days of my life. What blew my mind the most was that every person in that funeral home loved my uncle and it was important for them to show it.  I am sure he was happy with the turnout. 

Despite his faults (I probably have more of them than he did) he was one of the kindest, most caring people that ever walked or rolled on this planet.  And this isn’t the bullshit that people like to say when a dude dies, this is real and true.  He was buried with his dad in a plot on a hill on Staten Island.  He suffered on this earth and now he suffers no more.  We’re gonna mourn him, and celebrate him until we join him. 

If you want to get a glimpse of the man that touched so many lives click here.