If you want to do something for prostate cancer awareness below are two examples of things that can be done. Be creative. Use your own personal skills. Let me know of the unique ideas that you do.


A LONE drummer raised eyebrows throughout Perthshire when his 1000-mile crusade to raise awareness on behalf of prostate cancer charities reached the Big County.

Banging on his drum the entire time he was here, Leicester’s Dan Fowler (27) stopped in Perth to tell the PA about how he intends to walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End in a bid to “to end the silence” surrounding one of the most common killers in the UK.

Arriving in the Fair City, Dan explained how his epic trip – on behalf of Midlands charity PROSTaid – was sparked after his friend, David Rae, was diagnosed with the condition some four years ago.

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A GIRLS’ school might seem a strange place to run a campaign on the most common cancer in Victorian men.

But Chantelle Hamawi believes females are a key to tackling prostate cancer.

“I think they can play a big role,” the Presbyterian Ladies’ College year 12 student said.

“Men are generally poor at looking after their own health, so it’s often the female members of the family or friends that encourage them to take better care of themselves.”

Chantelle, 17, designed and made 50 T-shirts, which she will today sell at her school for $20 to raise money for prostate cancer awareness.

Her campaign was born out of a chance meeting with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia manager Jo Fairbairn.

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