The National Cancer Institute has launched a new interactive website, Cancer Risk:Understanding the Puzzel.  Anyone giving presentations to people who have yet to be diagnosed can test themselves on how good is their understanding of cancer risk with the three quizzes in the first section, “What is Risk”. You can then go on to the cancer specific sections to check your understanding of risks for specific cancers. The third section has information that will be helpful in evaluating information in news articles, radio/tv newsbriefs, websites and emails.

While there are some good sections to the website, I found it difficult to navigate especially for people who are not internet accomplished. I also felt that some of the wording was confusing. The content is not easily understood by someone new to the cancer experience without more explanation.

Judy Perez, a Chicago Tribune reporter had her own problems with the website. To read her article click here.

I am very interested in getting feedback from other prostate cancer advocates who have spent a few minutes at the website. Click here  to enter the website.