The Early/Expanded Access Committee has been continuing to work on getting additional sites open for men with advanced prostate cancer to get access to the yet unapproved drug Radium-233 Chloride (Alapharadin).

Due to the hard work of this committee there are now sites in seven different states.

In order to qualify for this treatment you must meet some basic eligibility criteria that are:
• You must be CRPC/HRPC (castrate resistant) and on hormone therapy with progressive disease.
• You must have att least 2 bone metastases – blastic (sclerotic), not lytic.
• You must have some amount of bone pain requiring your taking daily meds – even if it’s Tylenol.
• You must not have any mets to lung, liver, or brain.
• Your HGB must be 10.0 or higher.
• You must have previously beentreated with Taxotere (or have refused Taxotere – your choice)
• Your last chemotherapy treatment must have been at least 4 weeks ago and you must not have any additional chemotherapy, and No chemo currently planned.
• You must nor have had any extensive radiation to your bones (> 25% of bone marrow), and not have had previous Quadramet or Strontium 89 to treat your bones.

If you think you fit this Basic Eligibility Criteria, contact one of the sites below for further screening.

Stanford University
Contact: Euodia Jonathan, (prefers EMAIL), or (650) 723-7419
Stanford, CA 94305

Moffitt Cancer Center
Contact: Bonnie Sauder, RN (813) 745-3574 or
Tampa, FL 33612

21st Century Oncology – NEW SITE
Contact: Calverta Greene – or
Ft Myers, FL 33901
Tulane University
Contact: Patrick Cotogno (504) 988-6542 or
New Orleans, LA 70112

Mass General Hospital
Contact: Carol Gurski (617) 643-1770
Boston, MA 02114

Comprehensive Cancer Ctrs of Nevada
Contact: Victoria Le (702) 952-340 or
Las Vegas, NV 89169

New York
North Shore Long Island Medical Ctr
Contact: Kerry Ann Brown or (718) 470-4642
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Pennsylvania NEW SITE
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Contact: Adam Dicker, MD (215) 955-6700 or
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Radium-223 Chloride (Alpharadin) is for in Castration-Resistant (Hormone-Refractory) Prostate Cancer Patients With Bone Metastases.

This trial has no placebo and no cost for Alpharadin (check with trial site for any other costs)

For more infpormation about this trial go to:

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.