There are now two new, additional sites added to the Early Access Trial of the investigational treatment known as Radium-233 or Alpharadin for men with castrate resistant prostate cancer with multiple bone metastases. This post contains the most up to date and accurate information, the clinical site is NOT currently accurate. Additionally, there are many stories about delays in being able to access the treatment at many of the sites, so apply early and be prepared to wait.

The two new sites that have been added are at:

Arizona Molecular Imaging Center
Contact: Elisa Blackwell, , or (602) 331-1771
Phoenix, AZ 85040

New York City
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Contact: Michelle Karlin,
New York City, NY 10065

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

1- Castrate resistant and on hormone therapy ADT with but still experiencing progressive disease
2- Have at least 2 bone metastases – blastic (sclerotic), not lytic
3- Experiencing some bone pain (must be taking daily meds – even if it’s Tylenol)
4- Do not have any mets to the lung, liver, or brain
5- Your HGB must be 10.0 or higher
6- You must have been previously treated with Taxotere (or have refused Taxotere – patient’s choice)
7- It must have been at least 4 weeks since you had any chemotherapy
8- No chemo currently currently being planned
9- You must not have had previous extensive radiation to your bones (> 25% of bone marrow)
10- You must not have had any treatments with Quadramet or Strontium 89

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In Summary Alpharadin is now available in 8 states at multiple locations:

If you think you fit this Basic Eligibility Criteria, contact one of the sites below for further screening.

Arizona – NEW
Arizona Molecular Imaging Center
Contact: Elisa Blackwell, , or (602) 331-1771
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Stanford University
Contact: Euodia Jonathan, (prefers EMAIL), or (650) 723-7419
Stanford, CA 94305

Moffitt Cancer Center
Contact: Bonnie Sauder, RN (813) 745-3574 or
Tampa, FL 33612

21st Century Oncology
Contact: Calverta Greene –
Ft Myers, FL 33901

Tulane University
Contact: Patrick Cotogno (504) 988-6542 or
New Orleans, LA 70112

Mass General Hospital
Contact: Carol Gurski (617) 643-1770
Boston, MA 02114

Comprehensive Cancer Ctrs of Nevada
Contact: Victoria Le (702) 952-340 or
Las Vegas, NV 89169

New York
North Shore Long Island Medical Ctr
Contact: Kerry Ann Brown or (718) 470-4642
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – NEW
Contact: Michelle Karlin,
New York City, NY 10065

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital?Contact: Adam Dicker, MD (215) 955-6700 or ?Philadelphia, PA 19107

* Enrollment Tip – It often takes a few weeks to complete the enrollment and screening process for an expanded access trial. You may be able to speed up this process by supplying the clinical trial nurse with your own medical records, which may relieve him/her from trying to obtain them from another clinic. Factor all of this into your decisions. As always, discuss with your physician(s).

FYI- Bayer filed their NDA on December 14, 2012 for formal FDA approval of the treatment. As of this post they still have not heard from the FDA to see if they will receive priority or standard review.

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.