As a broke, disgruntled non-profit director I get depressed/stressed around this time of year.  Why you ask?  Tipping and gift giving.  For the most part I can ignore family, however the people I can’t ignore are the staff at the preschool.  How much do you give the person that takes care of your most prized possession, your kid, all day long?  Nothing ever seems to be enough.  My wife tips the parking lot attendant $1-$2 a day just for for parking and fetching Dimples (a.k.a. “the Hyundai”).   The teachers, on the other hand, care for my cursing, poop-covered, rowdy, and adorable child for nine hours a day – he’s my child and I wouldn’t want that job!  So do they get gifts, cash, cookies, movie tickets, all of the above, or something else entirely? 

What are you guys out there doing for the people that nurture and protect you little bundle of evil (joy?) when you aren’t around?  If it’s your co-parent, what extra are you doing to acknowledge their role?  I hate shopping with a deep, unrelenting passion, yet I still have to do what I can to show my appreciation.