In anticipation of our Monday night teleconference on Provenge (see below for registration procedures) I am very happy to report that Dendreon is now detailing plans to move Provenge to earlier stages in the disease’s progress.

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago which is winding down today, Dendreon unveiled plans for three earlier stage clinical trials, two targeting advanced prostate cancer. This is great news for many of us.
Provenge was approved last year by the FDA for use with men with castrate resistant disease, but many people have been clamoring for its use in earlier stages of advanced prostate cancer. Provenge uses a man’s own white blood cells to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight cancer. In the clinical trials leading up to its approval Provenge demonstrated a survival advantage of approximately 4.2 months over placebo.

According to Mark Frohlich, Dendreon’s chief medical officer, “We weren’t able to take it to the next step….. It is no surprise that we were resource constrained until we had positive data from the trial, and we’ve had large commercial launch activities going on.” Dendreon is no longer resource constrained as they recently received FDA approval for thirty additional work stations and on June 30th Dendreon is anticipating a positive word from the FDA that would allow them to put on-line their new plant in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to these two plants in the near future they are sched