[From Carol: see previous post.]

“To the guys I have become acquainted with here:

I can’t help but feel tremendously close to you and to the women who love you.  I want to direct these comments to you. 

You all have shown your spirit, your inner soul, your sense of humor, your intellect, and your sexuality.  Your sense of committedness, your romantic side, your kindness, your hearts, your passion, and compassion.  All of you guys are priceless.  Don’t be mistaken, many women would respond to each of you in spite of the ED issues. 

The sex is better than you think. And once you feel confident enough to be who you are, you will attract and impress more women than you think.  You guys all understand the intimacies of life, the intimacies of a loving relationship.  These are qualities that are hard to find.  I have an idea of how you feel. 

I  am a breast cancer survivor, from 2 different types of breast cancer.  I never felt sorry for myself, as I was the luckiest women in the world at age 41.  My options stank, but I was fortunate enough to submit to a bilateral mastectomy because I wanted to live.  I know the mourning:  I had tight C’s,  and dressed hot and sexy because that was how I felt; I guess that was the Ginger in me.  Straight women told me that I could sure fill out a tube top, in my 30’s. And if I knew this was in my future I would definitely had taken some topless pictures that I always fantasized about.  My marriage was over and I had a young son. 

Then I met this wonderful man, in the mall of all places.  We clicked, and we e-mailed quite a lot.  I fell in love with his intellect, his humor and wit:  these are the attributes that outline who you are.  As time went on, falling in love with him, I one-by-one revealed all the things about me, figuring “This will do it.  He’ll walk away from me knowing this.” 

Well, he never did, and finally I broke the news to him about the cancer and the bilateral mastectomy and the reconstruction –which is like having a decorative front door that doesn’t open.  He was unfazed, because he had gotten to know Me. 

Fast forward to 2006.  He gets prostate cancer, and here we are. 

That never changed anything for me, because we share the intimacies.  None of you guys should feel that you have to stay in anything less than a loving relationship that celebrates the body, heart, soul, and mind.  There are many women who crave the type of guy that all of you are. Cancer taught me wonderful things about myself and life.  It very possibly could have given  you the forum to uncover all these valuable attributes about yourselves. 

Each one of you is  unique in your own way, and precious.  Women who understand the intimacies yearn for a guy to touch their soul and mind.  That is so sexy, so stimulating to a woman of substance.  You guys exhibit your sexiness  every time you write, no matter what the subject. 

My suggestion would be to be your charming, sexy, attentive, intellectual, sensitive selves.  When you feel a click in your heart, soul, and mind, pursue it.  In time, bring up the issue.  If it doesn’t work out, then it wasn’t what you originally thought it was. 

Girls think differently than boys.   Each one of you has so much to offer, and there are  lots of women out there who don’t think it is as big a deal as you do.  And  each one of you oozes sexual energy and affection . . . even if you may not have the benefit of a hard-on.

Wow.  Think about it.

— Carol, the housewife from NJ