My wife and I have had a barge loads of fun going places and doing things with the Dev. Really, we have. The thing is, though, there are a bunch of places that we’d love to go to, or go back to, without him. Four going on five isn’t exactly the age that known for it’s refined appreciation. He’s had fun, and has enjoyed many new experiences with us. Of course many of the places on our list are places we’ve been years ago either on our own or together. Still, with time the missus and I have grown to look at things differently and we’d like to have a hand at discovering our more mature selves in the following places, without him:

  • The Bronx Zoo
  • The New York Aquarium
  • The Queens Zoo
  • The Museum of Natural History
  • The Beach (any beach)

Clearly, we’re dorks. One place that’s not on this list is the TheMetropolitan Museum of Art, and that’s because we went there this past weekend while Dev spent the night with a grandma. Being out and about in couple mode was a nice change of pace. Something that anyone who is married with child(ren) should do when the opportunity presents itself. We were amazed by how many young people were obviously on dates as they marveled at Yoruba masks and the paintings of El Greco.

Again, Dev is oodles of fun. But there’s nothing like the unhurried feeling that comes with alone time. Spring is around the corner and it will be a great time to hang with the family and hopefully go on a few dates with the wife. ?