A lot of you may be currently using injectible meds such as Caverject, Trimix or Bimix for ED.  Or you will be starting the treatment soon. Yesterday a man asked me for some information about injection therapy, so I’m going to share with all of you what I sent to him. It might be useful to others.

I want to emphasize that there is a right way and a wrong way to use injections for ED therapy.  Proper technique is critical to prevent side effects such as scarring or curvature.  Unfortunately, you are probably not going to get all the information you need from your prescribing doctor.  So I am going to give you some inside information — a protocol for injecting safely and effectively that I got from a very knowledgeable patient.  This man, Michael Holland., has been using injection therapy successfully for 6 years.   I have to emphasize that Michael is not a doctor, although I believe his word can be relied upon.  I am going to add some comments by Michael that are relevant even though they are not about technique.

You all know that I am an injection therapy zealot. I believe that most guys that “fail” at injections could succeed with a good coach.

“I have been following certain protocols for injection for over five years and have no scarring, bending or other abnormalities and you can usually never find the injection site a few hours after the fact. It IS possible to have problems from injections. The biggest problem is if you build up scar tissue at injection sites due to improper technique.

First, try to inject slowly, so it takes at least 30 seconds to push the plunger. Try to last 60 seconds if you are using 70 units or more. Here is the MOST IMPORTANT THING: hold firm pressure on the injection site for AT LEAST 5 MINUTES, more if the injection site is still bleeding. I also always take two “breaks” in the 5 minute period and roll the penis between my palms to distribute the meds evenly, and then add 30 seconds to make up for the time that takes. My doc says it is much more important to hold pressure on the injection site as described above than to switch sides

[most doctors recommend switching sides when using injection therapy.] .
In medical practice, one generally uses the lightest gauge and length needle that will do the job, in order to reduce tissue damage. I use 5/16″ by 31 gauge needles and find there is less bruising or bleeding than if I use 3/8″ or 1/2″ needles.

An Update:

For the past year I have used the BD Inject-Ease autoinjector. I pick my spot. Place the tip of the injector there and push the button. The injection action is fast and sure, with a solid feel, but no kick or recoil. Then just push the plunger in as slowly as you can, with 30 to 60 seconds being the target. The quick insertion of the needle makes for a better injection, in my experience.

For the record, my equipage of choice is BD Ultrafine II syringes (5/16″ by 31 gauge) and the BD Inject-Ease. Most big-box pharmacies will have one behind the counter, or will get you one overnight. No Rx required. Price is $29.95.

Additional tips:

Injection and arousal.

From a scientific viewpoint, the injectibles should provide an erection regardless of your state of mind, and since they work for people on hormone blocade, this is true. However, most of us have secondary resposes to arousal. I have heard many ED docs say that you should look for 75 to 80% of the erection effect from the drugs, and the rest from stimulation. At more than 5 years out, this is certainly the case for me. But I imagine that the less healing that has occured, in general, the more the erectile process depends on the drugs.

I also find that if I stimulate myself a little, to get a little erectile response, before injecting, that the injection is easier to do, especially if injecting manually.