The FDA has launched a web site that is now available to both patients and health care professionals that gives complete access to the information on file about all adverse effects and drug safety concerns for all FDA approved prescription medications. The goal of the site is to consolidate all this information into one place and allow easy access. The FDA has accomplished their goal.

The web site provides a wide variety of safety information about prescription drugs as well as providing links to information such as, drug labeling, drug-specific safety information, quarterly reports of drugs that are being evaluated for safety issues, and warning letters and alerts.

The web sites can be accessed through this link.

I went to the site and search for Lupron (a commonly used drug in the United States as a hormone blockade in the treatment of prostate cancer.) I quickly learned about the drug including safety warning notes and drug approval packages. The search provided me with ten pages of information.

Personally, prior to taking any new drug I will search the medication on this site and discuss any concerns with my doctor prior to taking the drug.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW