For 2009 I’m taking a break from “The Black

[Dad] List,” mainly because it’s too negative. I haven’t totally abandoned the idea of negativity because I’m human and I have my moments, but I’d like to try to take positivity to a whole “nuva leva” this year. I’m enjoying the projects that I’m working on and I’m having fun with my son, so I’m going to focus on that kind of good stuff as much as possible. However I reserve the right to pull out “Daddy’s Black List” at anytime if I need to vent and/or put a random travesty on full blast. I must admit that I enjoy letting off a little steam as much as any blowhard on Fox News. (Minus the conservative shenanigans, of course.)

Anyway, this first Black Daddy List entry is me running down the top 5 things that I love about working from home, which I get to do for most of the spring break holiday this week. Drum roll please:

5. NO COMMUTE – As many of my longtime readers know, my commute is lousy. Depending on traffic it can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes each way and even with the driving there is still subway and bus time that I clock each day. I do it, we do it, for the kid. The kid goes to school in one borough, and his parents work in two different boroughs, so we stay on the move motivated by the goal of getting to all the places we need to be in a somewhat timely manner.

4. NO NEED TO GET DRESSED – I can take calls from consultants, coworkers, my 401 (k) guy, and my boss all in my PJs. For some people who work from home this is not a big deal, for me it’s like eating Godiva, while drinking a brew, and enjoying a foot rub in my favorite chair as I watch the Braves win a pennant. It’s that good.

3. MY OWN BATHROOM – I am not big on public restrooms. I don’t think anyone is. However at my job the bathroom is just a step above having an infected tooth with a necrotic nerve. At home I have my paperbacks, my magazines, and the luxury of time. It’s the best room in the house, in my opinion. My portable DVD player enjoys great acoustics in there.

2. STOCKED FRIDGE – Post-Easter leftovers. Nothing more to say.

1. DEV’S HOME WITH ME! – I get to be in the company of a kid who is forever entertaining and fun to be around. He asks great questions, we debate, we eat, we laugh, and when I need to work he quiets down and keeps himself busy. He’s the best coworker ever.

That’s it for now. If you ever get to work from home, either on occasion or all the time, let me know what you love about it. And no you can’t borrow my son – get your own coworker.