My son and his mother go to the neighborhood library a few times a week. It’s his opportunity to pick out the books that he wants to read. Since we don’t have cable, he may also borrow a Blues Clues or Dora DVD. What I’ve noticed is that he mostly checks out books that are also a TV show. Marc Brown books are always on hand, among several others. This practice annoys me a tad bit more than it should. I don’t hate his choices because they are his, and he actually reads them. But that didn’t stop me from going to the children’s section of the library near my job that I like to visit during my break to search for some kiddie literature.

After checking out a couple of memoirs for myself I decided to go in search of books that I would? like to see my boy read. That’s when I stumbled upon the bad nannies. Apparently Manhattan nannies take kids to the library (and Barnes and Noble) during the day, which is probably a good thing. However they let them run amok which is bad. Now, I know some of you are thinking that the kids were in the children’s room so they should be allowed to roam free, and I somewhat agree. But do remember that the library is a public space and a one year old should not be free enough to crawl between my feet. I didn’t even see that little dude!

Next, as I reached for a book on a low shelf, another little kid walked under my arm and then started to circle me. He walked around me until he bored and walked off. To top it off (and this is what truly pissed me off, the kids were actually kind of funny) when I was squatting down in front of a bookshelf reading the titles a nanny plopped herself directly in between me and the books, blocking me out. Mind you I was close to the books, so that lady was darn near in my lap. She sat a baby on the floor next to her and started to read aloud the titles that I was perusing until she got there. And what the hell was that smell? Isn’t the nanny paid to change diapers? Seriously