D – Totally made up. Devin was not inquisitive about the spider, he didn’t think it was cool (sorry Darren) at all. In fact he was totally freaked out by it, and he should have been. That thing was so big and hairy I could have put a leash on it. It’s web was so thick and sticky that it had a live squirrel caught in it fighting for it’s life (OK I’m exaggerating). The boy actually said “I don’t think we should be this close to that spider. I don’t like that spider. Let’s get out of here!”

Here are the answers we gave to the other questions if you care:

A.) “Surprised or shocked I think. Go ask your mother.”

B.) It doesn’t matter, he would have none of it. He refused to listen to the answer. Apparently he’s in his Oedipal stage.

C.) “It’s what you say at the end of a prayer. It kind of means ‘OK’.” Those darn Veggie Tales!

E.) “It just does. And it makes you pee all night. And go ‘woo looo looo looo’.”

F.) This was a hard one. He saw the kids and toddlers exhaling smoke in an anti-smoking commercial. The effect itself was powerful because it really looked like the kids were smoking. Of course we understand that it was all done through CGI, but a four year old doesn’t. So we explained to him that no one should ever smoke – not kids, not adults, not grandmas or grandpas, no one.

Liz, Darren and The Goddess got the answer right, but for the wrong reasons. Partial credit. The rest of you will have to stay after for tutoring.