Ladies, you know the situation: you want to TALK, hubby wants to TINKER. Well, let him be — he might just be in the basement finding a cure for cancer.

Researchers at several prestigious institutions believe that that’s EXACTLY what one amateur scientist named John Kanzius may have done — working with a few pie pans and some hot dogs!  And the treatment is non-invasive.  It does not require surgery or multiple insertions of probes.

What is remarkable about all this is that Kanzius, a 64-year-old retired business owner and radio technician, has no college degree (let alone a  Ph.D.), no fancy laboratory or pipeline of federal funding.   But he does have brains, talent and drive. 

Here is a description of Kanzius’s treatment as well as some more background information from a recent article in Discover magazine  (11/19/08):

“When nanoparti­cles made from gold are injected into tumors, they attach to cancer cells. The Kanzius RF Machine transmits focused radio waves to these nanoparticles, which respond by releasing heat and incinerating infected cells while leaving the surrounding healthy cells intact.

“Kanzius’s research was inspired by his own struggle with chemo­therapy treatments in 2003 and 2004 while battling leukemia. In 2005 his work gained the attention of the prestigious cancer research centers at the University of Pittsburgh and the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Both facilities are now testing the treatment on animals. So far, tests have successfully destroyed localized tumors known as hepatic VX2 carcinomas in rabbits.”

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