Advanced prostate cancer patients who started androgen deprivation treatment (ADT) treatment with low testosterone levels had worse 1-year progression-free and overall survival after continuous ADT than men with higher testosterone levels. This means that men who are about to start hormone therapy should have their testosterone tested. Those with low testosterone levels should ask their doctors whether they should skip hormone treatment and try a different treatment strategy.

Anup Patel from the United Kingdom studied 838 men to determine whether a baseline serum testosterone (s-T) measurement might be able to predict how well androgen deprivation therapy (hormone therapy) helps in treating advanced prostate cancer. He showed that men with low baseline s-T advanced prostate cancer patients had significantly worse survival end-points.

MP53-01: Does baseline serum testosterone influence androgen deprivation therapy outcomes for advanced prostate cancer patients;     American Urological Association Annual Meeting May 2017