What kind of world are our children really inheriting? One full of promise, or one full, well, crap?

I literally live a five minute drive, without traffic, from JFK International Airport in New York City. (For those of you that don’t know JFK was the target of a terror plot that was luckily thwarted by the FBI and the NYPD last week.) While the NYPD claims that New Yorkers were never in danger, I’m left wondering, what if we were? At the very least had the bombs been detonated my family would have heard it. At the most, well, it could have been very bad. I’m not being dramatic either. As I understand it the scope of the plot would have had catastrophic effects on nearby neighborhoods and perhaps as far as Manhattan. To further complicate issues these terrorists were from the Caribbean, not the Middle East. Apparently lots of people hate the U.S. of A.

I’m not usually one to harp on such things (9/11 is a different topic entirely). I typically just thank the heavens that no one was hurt and move on. But this felt very close to home. And that’s because it was. As a dad and a husband I am tasked with protecting my family, which is difficult to do under normal ‘hood conditions. But how the heck can you do it when there are people running around with bombs? Raising a black boy in this country is enough of a challenge, I don’t need this one.

Big shout-out to our troops overseas. We’ll see y’all when you get home.