Thanks to Don Greggs of PPML for this recommendation on how to get your MDR (minimal daily requirement) of lycopene. (Don follows Dr. “Snuffy” Myers’ recommendations.)

Lycopene: The caps are fine, but I wanted to possibly reduce daily pills/caps. [Dr. Myers] says an 8 oz. V8 is a good single dose and that 1 tsp. of tomato paste = 6 mg of lycopene, so V8 plus two single doses of paste during the day will get the recommended daily dose. I figure to use the caps at such time that the other methods may be inconvenient.

I used to do tomato paste on rye toast with a few drops of olive oil and a little black pepper. And if you’re self indulgent, ;-), sprinkle with some romano cheese.

Tasty and can work as a snack.