Much of my reporting about ASCO 2014 has included only positive studies, but there is always a share of studies and trials that do not prove to be of a direct positive  value to men with Advanced Prostate Cancer.  Today’s report includes one of these negative reports.  Remember, a negative report is as valuable as a positive one as we can now know about a treatment, procedure etc. that does warrant additional expenditures of time or money.

De Wit et al. reported the results of a second, large, phase III clinical trial of orteronel (aka -TAK-700) + prednisone in the treatment of chemotherapy-naive, metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

The results reported of this trial (as with the earlier trial in post-chemotherapy were negative and would not get FDA approval of TAK-700 + prednisone for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

It is highly unlikely that this drug will continue to have get any additional investment as a treatment for prostate cancer.

The interesting finding was that the trial clearly showed that treatment withTAK-700 + prednisone does delay radiographic progression, however this delay in radiographic progression did not translate into an overall survival benefit.  Given the many significant side effects compared to placebo + prednisone TAK-700 is most likely an investigation treatment that has run its course for prostate cancer.

These results also point out that radiologic progression is NOT tied to overall survival.  In the reverse, Provenge does extend overall survival, but it does not slow down radiologic progression.

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.