Zoledronic Acid (ZA) in Castrate Sensitive Prostate Cancer Does Not Prove To Be Advantageous

One thing I have noticed at some of the support groups I run is that there seems to be a very uneven distribution of when men start taking Zoledronic Acid (ZA). Hormone therapy (ADT) has many negative side effects and the loss of bone mineral density (thinning of the bones) that ZA (and similar drugs) [...]

Zoledronic Acid Therapy Impacts Risk and Frequency of Skeletal Complications In Men with Prostate Cancer – Start Early Therapy

To evaluate the effects of timing and length of zoledronic acid (ZA) treatment on outcomes for men with prostate cancer, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Hind T. Hatoum & Company, Chicago, IL. evaluated a large contingent of men who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer from January 2003 to October [...]

The Survival Implications of Bone Mineral Loss

In a Town Hall discussion,  “Ablating Testosterone in Prostate Cancer and the Concomitant Negative Effects”,  Fred Saad, MD,  FRCS, Director of Urologic Oncology, Professor of Surgery/Urology, U of M Chair in Prostate Cancer; University of Montreal discussed the negative effects that bone loss resulting from hormone therapy (ADT)  poses to our life expectancy. His over [...]