In a Town Hall discussion,  “Ablating Testosterone in Prostate Cancer and the Concomitant Negative Effects”,  Fred Saad, MD,  FRCS, Director of Urologic Oncology, Professor of Surgery/Urology, U of M Chair in Prostate Cancer; University of Montreal discussed the negative effects that bone loss resulting from hormone therapy (ADT)  poses to our life expectancy.

His over all theme was that bone demineralization (what we often call bone loss)  and pathologic fracture are clinically significant and have a direct impact on our survival.

Dr. Saad claimed that a hip fracture reduces the  life expectancy of a man aged between  60-70 by 11.5 years!  He also stated that the prevalence of silent vertebral fractures in men on ADT is increased to 20% which doubles mortality rates as compared with men without silent vertebral fractures.

Zolendronic acid and Denosumab, which can counter much of the bone issues brought about by ADT,   can decrease these risks and extend your life.

I thought you should know.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW