Bayer HealthCare Announces the Resumption of the Production of Xofigo (Ra 223 dichloride)

Bayer HealthCare has announced that they have now resumed production of Xofigo (Ra 223 dichloride). Bayer has indicated that an initial lot of Xofigo has already been released so some patients will be able to re-start their treatment as early as this week. Bayer is in the process of contacting treating physicians with the news. [...]

Bayer Issues a Formal Statement About the Halting of the Production of Xofigo (Radium Ra 223 Dichloride)

Its day 20 since Xofigo production stopped. How are you? Please email Joel at about how the Xofigo shutdown has affected your life. Bayer has issued a public statement about the shortage of Xofigo (radium Ra 223 dichloride). After reviewing their statement I find that there is no new information that we haven’t already [...]