Its day 20 since Xofigo production stopped. How are you? Please email Joel at about how the Xofigo shutdown has affected your life.

Bayer has issued a public statement about the shortage of Xofigo (radium Ra 223 dichloride). After reviewing their statement I find that there is no new information that we haven’t already shared on this blog.

To summarize the important points in the release:

1- Bayer detected foreign material in the drug during its normal and routine inspection process.
2- Because of the existence of this foreign material Bayer suspended production of Xofigo
3- Bayer continues to search for the point at which this foreign substance has been introduced so they can prevent it from entering into the Xofigo.
4- Bayer is working to resolve the problem around the clock and will not begin production until the problem is resolved.
5- Bayer is also working with the FDA to insure the safety of all patients taking the drug.
6- Bayer again said that any product that had been released and used prior to the development of this problem passed all inspections and was safe.
7- Bayer suggests that patients speak with their doctors about their individual situation given the lack of Xofigo.

This release did not provide any projected dates for