PSA Doubling Time and Seminal Vesicle Invasion at the Time of Surgery Are Predictors for Successful Salvage Radiation

There was a recent Norwegian study which reviewed the impact of salvage external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) on post-prostatectomy patients. They evaluated long-term follow-up on biochemical-free recurrence (PSA only recurrence) (BFR) and metastatic-free survival. He study also described the pathological and clinical predictors of outcome. The study was conducted between 1987–2010. It included 76 men with [...]

Measuring the Efficacy of Salvage Radiation With and Without ADT *

A small study from one hospital in Norway has suggested that PSA doubling times after surgery may predict the value of salvage radiation therapy alone as a second line form of therapy. Servoll et al carried out a small retrospective analysis of data derived from 76 men treated by salvage external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) [...]


A joint task force composed of members from the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) has presented formal guidelines for the use of adjuvant and salvage radiation after a radical prostatectomy. To construct the Guideline they relied on a systematic review of the literature using the Pubmed, Embase and [...]

Prognostic Markers for Survival for Men Who Receive Radiation Post Surgery

Men who experience a reoccurrence post surgery will usually be referred for salvage radiation therapy. The goal of the radiation is to simply eliminate the stray cancer cells that might have remained in the prostate bed. The only way we currently have to monitor the outcomes from this radiation is to monitor PSA. Researchers at [...]

Few Side Effects Found From Radiation Treatment Given After Prostate Cancer Surgery

A post-surgery increase of PSA (usually three increases) is the definition for a prostate cancer recurrence. The best response after these increases is to radiate the prostate bed in hopes for stopping any stray cancer cells that had escaped prior to surgery. Using salvage radiation is the only remaining treatment modality that might allow a [...]