No PSA Test Means More Men will be Diagnosed with A Terminal Illness, Advanced Prostate Cancer

Finally, we are getting a little common sense discussion about the role of PSA screening. Not to beat a dead horse, but as we all know the United Sates Preventive Task Force (USPTF) changed their rating of the PSA test from a D to a F. The result of this change is that many doctors, [...]

The USPSTF Web Site Is Back & Ready For Your Comments

The web site for comments about the PSA test to the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is finally back in service and ready for your comments. Last night their site collapsed (I am hoping as a result of the overwhelming number of comments). The site is back up and taking comments. Make sure [...]

Post Your Comments About PSA Testing With The USPSTF

It is important that we all add comments to the “Opportunity for Public Comment – Screening for Prostate Cancer: USPSTF Recommendation Statement DRAFT at the following URL I chose to make the following comments: […]

Malpractice and Withholding PSA Tests

I have been reading in the press about a recent medical malpractice settlement surrounding prostate cancer. Briefly, a man went to his primary care physician who, along with other tests, performed a DRE and PSA test. The doctor failed to inform his patient about the negative test results which were indicative of a diagnosis of [...]

Are Men or Woman “Crushed” By Our Health Care System?

I want to discuss Michelle Obama’s recent statements in support of the president’s attempts to change the health care system in the United Sates. You do not have to worry; I am not going to go into the proposed changes and all the controversy that is whirling around the various proposals, that is a separate [...]

The PSA Controversy

Over the last few days the media has been full of debate about the most recent, contradictory studies that have been released about the efficacy of the PSA as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer. Normally, I would not write about this issue in this blog since those of us with recurrences and advanced prostate [...]

Study Suggests Some Cancers May Go Away

Woman should not be given mammograms for the same reason that men should not have PSA tests! This is the conclusion that would be very easy to come away with after reading an article in today’s New York Times (November 25, 2008), “Study Suggests Some cancers May Go Away”, by Gina Kolata. Researchers, for many [...]