Data Supports A Radical Prostatectomy Option for Some Localized Advanced Prostate Cancer

I have often had men recently diagnosed with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer call me and ask if surgery makes any sense for them to consider. I have never been sure how to respond given that their cancer is known to be already out of their gland. In response to this common question, researchers from the [...]

No Reduction in Mortality for Men with Localized Prostate Cancer who had a Prostatectomy

In an updated study published in the New England Journal of Medicine men who had a radical prostatectomy did not enjoy the experience of a reduced all-cause mortality or prostate cancer mortality compared with those men who had only observation through several years of follow-up. The subject men had localized prostate cancer often detected by [...]

Surgery Improves Survival Rates for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic recently announced results at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting from a long-term study that indicates that surgery can improve life expectancy for men with advanced prostate cancer. Their study shows that 80% of men who have advanced prostate cancer and still choose to have surgery survive for at [...]

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