Dr. Mark Scholz Discusses Treatment Issues For Advanced Prostate Cancer

At the recent 2011 Prostate Cancer Research Institute Dr. Mark Scholz discussed care issues for men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. In his presentation he stressed the importance of closely monitoring each man’s individual, on-going response to treatment to determine its effectiveness. He made a case that without close monitoring; treatment decisions would lag behind [...]

Disease Risk, Not Age, Should Influence Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

Should treatments offered to older men with high risk prostate cancer be different than for younger men? Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco found that older men were denied more aggressive treatments because of their age. Men older than 75 years of age with high-risk prostate cancer often are under-treated when compared to [...]

Biochemical Failure of Prostate Cancer Treatment – When to Treat and When to Watch

A PSA only recurrence (biochemical failure) post a primary treatment for prostate cancer is relatively common, approximately 30% of those treated! A biochemical failure is characterized a return of increasing PSA without any other evidence of cancer on a scan. Failure can happen immediately after primary treatment has been completed or many years after the [...]

Keep Our Club Exclusive

U.S. News and World Review, in their HealthDay section reported an interesting aspect of the continuing debate about treatment vs. “watchful waiting” (active surveillance). The article, written by Karen Pallarito “Rethinking Prostate Cancer in Older Men” suggests aggressive treatment is viable, even for patients in their late 70s! Her premise, that increasing life expectancies, improved [...]

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