Metastatic Prostate Cancer Mortality Rates Unchanged – But Fewer Men Are Becoming Metastatic

The PSA controversy continues to plague men’s health. The United States Preventive Task Force’s recommendation against using the PSA blood test as a screening tool for prostate cancer (PCa) will bring additional harms to men. Since the beginning of PSA testing the mortality rate from prostate cancer has declined significantly, but there has been no [...]

Positive Surgical Margins – Do They Really Matter and Do They Effect How Long You Are Going To Live?

Men who elect to have a radical prostatectomy (surgical treatment for prostate cancer) as their primary treatment often panic if they find out that they had positive surgical margins (PSMs).  Positive surgical margins are an indication for the use of adjuvant radiotherapy.   Despite this automatic response the association between PSMs and prostate cancer-specific mortality (CSM) [...]

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