Did You Know That Metastatic Prostate Cancer Causes DNA Mutations?

Men with metastatic prostate cancer have higher rates of inherited gene mutations than men with non-metastatic prostate cancer.  Knowing about DNA mutations might help you make better treatment decisions. And you can also tell family members about their risk. Recent studies have shown that metastatic prostate cancer inherited mutations in the DNA-repair genes, such as the BRCA gene, can help [...]

Are You Willing to Trade some of Your Survival Time and Increase Your Risk for Bone Complications to Decrease Your Risk of Developing Bone Metastases?

Would you be willing to trade off some survival time to lower your risk of developing bone metastases (BM)?  Well, men in the UK and Sweden are willing.  Men from the UK and Sweden with castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and at high risk for developing BM because they have been on androgen-deprivation (ADT) or [...]

Prostate Cancer Test Improves Prediction Of Disease Course- So Why Isn’t It Used?

In June of 2009 a team at UCSF Department of Urology announced a new prostate cancer risk assessment test that they claim can provide men and their doctors a better way of gauging long-term risks and pinpointing high risk cases of prostate cancer. The test, as indicated by the researchers, proved accurate in predicting bone [...]