Statin Use And Better Prostate Cancer Outcomes

Not approved, not even tested with an appropriate clinical trial, but research has again shown that the use of statins in men with prostate cancer may have a lower risk of dying from the cancer than those who do not. In a study of 1,001 prostate cancer patients who were diagnosed between 2002 and 2005, [...]

Prostate Cancer Deaths Predicted to Rise By 17 Percent in 2010 !

Did you hear the news? These alarming 2010 projections for prostate cancer deaths were just released. Isn't it nice that they were released just prior to Father’s Day, so have a happy Father’s Day. These projections call for a massive 17 % increase in prostate cancer caused deaths as well as a more than 13 [...]

Jumbo Jet Crashes Killing All – So What

Imagine these headlines in your local newspaper: JUMBO JET CRASHES KILLING ALL – 1,000 PEOPLE DIE! The front pages of all of our newspapers would scream about this massive tragedy of “epic proportions.” Now imagine that that a jumbo jet crashes and kills everyone on board every two weeks for an entire year. Every two [...]