How to Manage the Side Effects of Hormone Therapy (ADT) in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

David P. Wood, Jr., MD gave a presentation at the 9th International Prostate Forum (IPF) on October 8 - 10, 2009 in Izmir, Turkey on the Management the side effects of hormone therapy (ADT) when used to treat of prostate cancer. Dr. Wood indicated that the three major side effects of ADT in the treatment [...]

Kennedy Hutchison Cancer Bill

Senators Kennedy and Hutchison introduced their long anticipated cancer bill yesterday. In summary, the bill states that: 1- Despite all the knowledge we have gained about cancer over the years, including early detection and screening, the actual decline in cancer mortality rate is only 6 percent as compared to a decline in mortality rate from [...]

Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer Does Not Appear To Increase Cardiac Deaths

I have always assumed that treating my prostate cancer with a hormone blockade increases my risk of having a cardiovascular problem that increases my chance of death. Taking any drug is always a trade off, one benefit against the potential harms. It is a perfect risk-reward situation. However, there is some new research that makes [...]

The True Value of Flaxseeds with Prostate cancer

According to a study at Duke University Medical Center flaxseed stunts the growth of prostate tumors. Flaxseeds, rich in omega 3-fatty acids and lignans (a fiber-related compound) has demonstrated the ability to halt prostate tumor growth. The sesame seed like flaxseed seems to be able to interrupt the chain of events that leads cells to [...]