The Ipilimumab (Yervoy) Results – A Failure that Should Not Have Been A Failure

Last October at the European Cancer Congress 2013 there was a release of data from a phase 3 study of Ipilimumab (CA 184-043) that showed that it might be effective in treating castration-resistant prostate cancer in men who have a low burden of disease; however it failed to show at the required 95% confidence level [...]

Immune Therapy & A Rising PSA Coupled With Disease Progression – Does It Work?

Why does PSA continue to rise and prostate cancer disease continue to progress (new tumors develop and existing tumors continue to get bigger) when a man has an immune system treatment to go after their prostate cancer? This issue is probably the major marketing hurdle faced by Dendreon’s Provenge and based on the current statistics [...]

Advanced Prostate Cancer Survivors On Androgen Deprivation Therapy Develop Persistent Changes in Immune Responses

I stumbled upon an abstract published at the end of February 2010 that raised a number of questions about hormone therapy (ADT) and its effect on the immune system. Coming out of the starting gate I assumed that ADT would adversely affect the immune system making us prone to falling victim to all sort of [...]

A Look at the Status of Cancer Vaccines – Emerging Treatments

From very early on, researchers and doctors have dreamed of using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. The big question has been why doesn’t the immune system attack the tumor cells that invade healthy tissue? The really good news is that finally science is catching up with this vision. Therapeutic cancer vaccines that [...]