I stumbled upon an abstract published at the end of February 2010 that raised a number of questions about hormone therapy (ADT) and its effect on the immune system. Coming out of the starting gate I assumed that ADT would adversely affect the immune system making us prone to falling victim to all sort of illness, both common and serious. However, this might not be the case.

Despite this assumption, when I reflect back on my general health since I began intermittent ADT (six years ago) I am aware that I have actually avoided many of the common health issues (colds etc.) that members of my families have suffered. I have asked if this is just a coincidence or if it is related to my being on ADT.

Given our interest in developing immune-based treatments for advanced prostate cancer like Provenge and Prostvac, the issue whether ADT causes changes in the immune responses of prostate cancer patients, and if the timing of changes has implications for the sequencing of immunotherapies in combination with an