Lycopene – Just Another Bust!

A group of investigators, interested in the influence of lycopene on both the clinical and laboratory progression of advanced prostate cancer in men with hormone refractory prostate cancer, ran a small prospective Phase II pilot study. The researchers gave lycopene supplementation (15 mg) daily for 6 months to their trial subjects. They performed follow up [...]

Lets Get Our Descriptors To Agree With Reality

The number of men with Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (HRCP) is ever increasing; some statisticians feel that it could eventually become the most common cancer in the male population. The clinical variability, the lack of consensus on patients' eligibility for starting a different treatment, and the response criteria seen in literature have made it difficult [...]

What Is Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer

As I have discussed many times there is very little consensus about standard definitions or treatments for prostate cancer. Go to any doctor who supplies primary treatment and ask about their erectile or incontinence rates. Then ask them how they define those rates. The results will be all over the place with no consistency among [...]