Dieing Early Because You Can Not Get Health Insurance – A Possible Future for Americans

I try not to get political in this blog, but current politics are directly involved in our healthcare and that is what I write about in this blog. I write this because all of my work is dedicated to improving the quality of life and for saving lives. Candidate Mitt Romney has been very clear; [...]

The Really Big Factor in Prostate Cancer Deaths Is Age – Can Rationing Save Money?

Is it a subtle form of healthcare rationing with the goal of saving money at the expense of lives? Maybe that is what is going on. Older men are not economically as valuable to society as other individuals, in many people’s eyes they are actually a burden. Can a solution to the problem be to [...]

Insurers Test New Cancer Pay Systems- Rationing Care

Today’s New York Times had a most distressing, but not surprising article, written by Reed Abelson, discussing the probable trend we will see in the near future in cancer treatment reimbursements. In a cost cutting experiment, the United Healthcare insurance company (UHC), will be starting a pilot project which entails paying medical oncology practices to [...]

An Editorial – What Has Caused the Recent Review of Provenge by the CMS

There has been a lot of questions raised about why the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has out of the clear blue, launched a review of Provenge, a review that could ultimately make Provenge unavailable to men on Medicare and Medicaid (see the post:Medicare Funding for Provenge, We Urgently Need Your HELP). There [...]