I try not to get political in this blog, but current politics are directly involved in our healthcare and that is what I write about in this blog. I write this because all of my work is dedicated to improving the quality of life and for saving lives.

Candidate Mitt Romney has been very clear; he will work to repeal “Obamacare” on day one of his presidency. In a speaking engagement in Ohio Mr. Romney said that no one dies from the lack of health insurance. He also claimed that anyone with a preexisting medical condition can get health insurance.

Come on, who actually believes this?

It is pretty clear to me, if Mr. Romney gets elected, and you have a pre-existing condition, like advanced prostate cancer, you can forget getting health insurance of any type.

It is also clear that if you don’t have insurance, you increase your chance of dying prematurely.
Don’t believe me, then look at FactCheck.org – evidence that thousands of Americans die each year because they don’t have health insurance.


Still don’t believe me, Harvard University has reported that 45,000 Americans die prematurely from lack of health insurance.


People die because they can&#