Decipher® Test Predicts Radiation Failure and Identifies Candidates for Early Radiation Therapy Following Prostate Surgery

Last year GenomeDx Biosciences  presented  data  showing that its Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier (the test), a genomic test, is capable of predicting the probability that a man will eventually develop metastatic prostate cancer, despite having surgery as a primary treatment for prostate cancer.  The company claims that the test out performs other existing tests of [...]

A New Genetic Technique Predicts Prostate Cancer Relapse

According to a study published online May 9 in The American Journal of Pathology copy number variations (CNV) in both malignant and benign prostate tissue is predictive of prostate cancer relapse. The research performed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine by Yan P. Yu, M.D. and colleagues evaluated whether CNV of the genomes [...]

One Large Step for Prostate Cancer and One Very Small Step for Men – Whole Genome Sequencing for Prostate Cancer

Yesterday the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCRF) made a major announcement, it has sequenced the of whole cancer genomes of seven different men with aggressive prostate cancer. This is a historic development in the fight against prostate cancer, however, it is a small step for those of us on the ground. The eventual goal of projects [...]